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The Vines
Hazel's own original painting, The Vines, is the inspiration for her labels.

Hazel has been baking wine cookies for the enjoyment of family and friends for years. Creative, fun-loving, energetic, mother of three, grandmother of five, her days are full of baking, painting, friends and family. An accomplished local artist, her paintings capture the lush beauty of the countryside and vineyards of the south of France and Italy, regions she loves to visit.

And then one evening, while sipping wine and watching the sunset on a beautiful Cape Cod beach, the idea for The Original and Authentic Wine Tasting Cookie® was born!

Why not a uniquely delicious cookie designed exclusively to enhance the enjoyment of wine tastings? A tasteful palate cleansing cookie for wine connoisseurs and novice tasters alike to nibble between sips of their favorite white or red wine...


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Wellesley Entrepreneurs Team Up For The Boston Wine Expo

Pam and Hazel pictured  with their products
Pam and Hazel pictured with their products.
Wellesley residents Pam Kubbins, owner of Pam's Pashminas & Exotic Scarves and Hazel Burdetta Juliani, owner of Hazel B Baking will have their products featured at the Boston Wine Expo this weekend. Pam has designed and manufactured the beautiful signature blue chiffon scarves that Hazel and her staff will wear for the show. Hazel will be serving her own delicious recipe of The Original and Authentic Wine Tasting Cookie® to cleanse the palates of wine enthusiasts in the upscale Grand Cru Wine Lounge. The Boston Wine Expo is being held this weekend on January 22nd and 23rd. Hazel and Pam teamed up when they discovered their mutual love of fashion, wine and entrepreneurship. For more information about beautiful scarves, delicious palate cleansing Wine Tasting Cookies® and the Boston Wine Expo, go to, and

Hazel and her grandsons Hazel and her grandsons Hazel and her grandsons
Hazel and her Five Grandsons