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Each of Hazel B's patent-pending Palate Cleanser Wine Cookie® is a handmade, artisanal cookie and hand stamped with a distinctive "W." Effective enough to neutralize even the strongest tastes, the cookie will prepare
your mouth to appreciate wine from a blank palate.

Wine Tasting Cookie Each package is hand-tied with a cross-grain ribbon of Hazel's signature color, featured in each of her paintings, and decorated with labels inspired
by her original art works.

Having developed the recipe with her grandchildren, Hazel believes in the next generation, which is why the cookies are made with the finest possible ingredients and contained in recycled packaging.

While one Palate Cleanser Wine Cookie® is all you need,
best of luck sticking to it...you'll want one with every sip.

Wherever there's Wine,
there's need for a Palate Cleanser Wine Cookies®

Red Wine Cookie 2ox   Wine Tasting Cookie
2 oz. Gift Bag   2 oz. Bag with Mini Tote

Why put your wine bottle in a gift bag?
Put a gift bag on your wine bottle!

Hand-tied with a looped ribbon,
and designed to hang on a bottle of wine,
this unique gift bag
contains at least 18 cookies.



A perfect party favor or hostess gift.
The Mini Tote makes a statement.
The Wine Tasting Cookies® cleanses the palate.
Together they create a lasting conversation
at any gathering. At least 18 cookies.
The Mini Tote can be customized to bear
your logo or an event name.


Red Wine Cookie 2ox  Red Wine Cookie 2ox
6 oz. Gift Box  1 Pound Gift Box

A wonderful gift for any occasion,
designed to create a wine tasting party.
Untie the beautiful ribbon wrapped gift box,
pour the enclosed cello bag
containing at least 50 Wine Tasting Cookies®
into the FDA approved serving box.
Voila'…an instant wine tasting event!



Perfect for wine parties.
An original gift, the 1-pound box is plenty
of palate cleansing Wine Tasting Cookies®
for a room full of Sommeliers,
novice tasters, or just cookie nibblers to enjoy!
Two separate bags
containing at least 75 cookies each,
making it easier for you to play it by ear.


Red Wine Cookie 2ox  Red Wine Cookie 2ox
1 Pound Wooden Wine Box  Signature Wooden Wine Box

The Wine Tasting Cookie® Wooden Wine Box is an Attractive Gift
Designed as an Upscale Gift Item for Wine Clubs and Catalogues

One Pound of Wine Tasting Cookies®
Attractively packaged in a
Signature Wooden Wine Box

2 Bags, each 8 oz. /
175 Palate Cleansing Cookies

Enjoy the cookies...
Cleanse your palate
Enhance your favorite wine!


Wine Tasting Cookies®
"The Wine of the Month"
conveniently packaged in a
Signature Wooden Wine Box

8 ozs. of Wine Tasting Cookies®
paired with
"Wine of the Month or
Vintner's Wine"
even a place on the end of
Wooden Wine Box
for the
Vintner's Wine Label

Red Wine Cookie 2ox   Wine Tasting Cookie

Now you can customize our product with your wineries name, brand or event details. We've partnered with top-notch professional printers to offer customization with low minimums and quick turnaround times.
Call for more information.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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5 Pound Box

Hosting a wine tasting event?
The 5 pound bulk, approximately 875 cookies,
is a great choice.
The food-grade storage container allows
the cookies to stay fresh for up to three months.
Perfect on a platter or in a bowl, the bulk order
makes it easy for
The Palate Cleanser Wine Cookie®
to make an appearance at all your events.

Pprice upon request


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