Wine Tasting Cookie®

Wine tastings have become a daily event for many retailers and specialty stores in an effort to attract customers and showcase wines as well as other wares. Currently the accompaniments for these wine tastings have been varied, inconsistent and included such edibles as crackers, breads, cheeses, grapes and other fruits. Those accompaniments may have a flavor and texture that interfere with the wine experience. This inconsistency causes the wine taste and experience to differ from taste to taste and from individual to individual.

Palate Cleanser Wine Cookies® is a new and exciting consistent means to cleanse the palate, while enhancing the enjoyment and effectiveness of wine tasting.

The natural ingredients in Palate Cleanser Wine Cookies® are specially blended to create an artisan handmade product that has a unique consistency and texture. It is formulated as not only a palate cleanser, but also a delicious cookie. Its bite size and novel design, indented with a W, make it the perfect accompaniment to your favorite red or white wine.

Future Wine Tasting Cookie® Product Line

Our first Wine Tasting Cookie® is the palate cleanser, a unique and needed tool formulated to enhance the tasting of wine.

The future product line will include The Red Wine Tasting Cookie® and The White Wine Tasting Cookie®. These Wine Tasting Cookies® are not palate cleansing cookies, but delicious cookies that pair wonderfully with red and white wines, enhancing the wine experience.

Munch on these yummy cookies and sip your favorite wine for an unforgettable treat!