Company Overview

Hazel B Baking, LLC is a family-run business in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The company was established by Hazel B Juliani on May 5, 2010.

Hazel conceived the idea for the original wine tasting cookie while relaxing on a Cape Cod beach at sunset, wishing she had a little something to nibble on with her glass of wine. Not something salty, not something sweet, but something subtle which wouldn't compete with the taste of the wine. This made her think about the wine cookies she often made with her children and grandchildren. This simple cookie would be the perfect pairing with wine. Thus the idea of The Original and Authentic Wine Tasting Cookie® was born, and Hazel B Baking, LLC was established.

The cookie was originally named The Original and Authentic Wellesley Wine Tasting Cookie® with the idea of distributing it in gourmet shops in Hazel's hometown. However, Hazel was soon inundated with requests from many wine and food specialty shops, wine tastings, catered affairs and private parties. Wellesley was then taken out of the cookie's name, allowing for the expansion of the company's possibilities. The Wine Tasting Cookie® is now a registered Trade Mark and is Patent-pending.

Mission Statement

Hazel B Baking creations are based on the simple philosophy that life should be enjoyed. Life's small pleasures are worth tasting along the way! The company's tasting cookies will add a fun new twist to wine tasting experiences. They are the cookies that hosts will want to receive and to serve.

Hazel B Baking Company is committed to giving back to society by supporting worthwhile causes through philanthropy.